Our Future

As retail and B2B marketplace pricing becomes more dynamic, QL2 will continue to provide industry leading products driven by data and data science.


Customers come to QL2 to understand the competitive landscape and optimize their product pricing and assortment.

July 2019

Vertical Expansion: QL2 expanded into the retail space, helping brands, marketplaces & manufacturers to maximize pricing & assortment for 36M+ products.

June 2017

QL2 collaborated with Snowflake to launch our next generation data warehouse for historical data analysis.

August 2016

QL2 applications first started collecting over 100 million pricing data points per day and continues to grow year over year.

August 2014

QL2 migrated our core infrastructure to cloud services to enable dynamic growth and ensure long term stability of services.

April 2013

QL2 monitored nearly 50 million web pages per day for competitive data.

April 2006

QL2 began providing competitive price data to OTA, Car Rental, Rail, Bus and Cruise industries.

August 2002

Delta Airlines became QL2’s first customer.

April 2001

QL2 pioneered real-time data acquisition of competitive pricing.