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Solutions We Provide
The data you need to make real-time decisions that have real impacts on your bottom line.
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Pricing and product insights to drive strategic marketplace decisions.
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Inventory and assortment insights to identify gaps and opportunities, and to maximize profit.
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Identify and match competitor comparables across websites to maximize the value of every product you sell and ensure you’re competitively priced in the market.
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Harness the power of industry data at scale to generate alpha and deliver meaningful results.
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Self-hosted data acquisition that allows you to manage your own WebQL server locally.
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What We Do
We provide a real time view of competitor assortments and pricing positions compared to your own to drive repricing efforts and promotional strategies. Our data also comes with visualizations and analytics tools to enable seamless and strategic decision making.

We strive to provide clarity out of the chaos of massive data by providing real-time insights into your competitive position for every product that you sell.

Our vision is to level the playing field so that any company can compete and win in a dynamic marketplace.
Our customers choose us to help them understand the competitive landscape, to optimize their product pricing and assortment, and to drive profitability up by an average of 8%.
Our data is collected anonymously, and our technologies never interrupt data sources. The data is complex, the approach is clean, the value is vast. We give you the real-time data you want, how and when you need it.
Why QL2?
Real-time Data
The competitive data you need, when you need it.

Second to none match accuracy and match accuracy and

Unparalleled Scalability
The capability to collect high volumes of data from thousands of websites.

Second to none match

Matching Technology
Second to none match accuracy and match coverage.

Second to none match accuracy.

Actionable Insights
Interactive standard and custom reports enable profitable pricing and inventory decisions that outsmart competition.
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