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Searching for your products

At the top of every page is a Keyword search bar and Category Filter. Applying a Category Filter or running a keyword search will take you to the results in the Product Finder.

1. Category Filter

The Category Filter uses the category paths of your products. You can select any node of the category path to filter results on the Product Finder page. You can select a new path by clicking back into the Category Filter.

The blue text shows the applied category path while the Grey background shows the new path that is being selected. To clear your category filter selection, click on the x button in the filters box.

2. Keyword search

Want to search for your product’s unique ID or a keyword in the product name? Use the keyword search area to type what you are looking for and hit enter. You can clear your search by clicking on the x button in the search bar.

3. Advanced Filters

For more information on Advanced Filters, please go to this article.