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Providing you with the exact data and insights you need to impact your bottom line
Our suite of solutions make it possible for our clients to solve their challenges and objectives.
  • QL2 clients leverage our proprietary solutions to respond to market changes in real-time, maximizing efficiency and profit.
  • With solutions available for travel, retail, and every industry in between, we have competitive intelligence for your market’s specific needs.
  • Our tools are designed to solve your most complex data problems, get a deeper understanding of your competitive market, save you time and resources, uncover your optimal pricing strategy, and improve customer service.

Data Scout anonymously collects and delivers the most relevant data through real-time or on-demand searches of your competitor’s websites – without interrupting data sources.


Opti Price helps you examine your price competitiveness, identify pricing opportunities and outliers for your product catalog, and manage your product matches.


Product Match utilizes an ensemble of machine and deep learning models to deliver highly accurate matches at scale. Product Match can be an Exact Match or Smart Match.


Opti Mix helps you track and analyze competitor inventory and assortment, map out your products’ performance lifecycles, and identify assortment gaps, opportunities, and outliers for your product catalog.


QL2’s competitive intelligence web-based platform for customers to execute and review real-time searches on competitor data, examine price competitiveness, identify pricing opportunities and outliers in your product catalog, and manage product matches.


A suite of interactive real-time analytics and insights highlighting competitive performance over time – showcasing high level trends and detailed product level performance.


Solutions By Need
The data you need to make real-time decisions that have real impacts on your bottom line.

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Pricing and product insights to drive strategic marketplace decisions.

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Inventory and assortment insights to identify gaps and opportunities, and to maximize profit.

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Identify and match competitor comparables across websites to maximize the value of every product you sell and ensure you’re competitively priced in the market.

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Harness the power of industry data at scale to generate alpha and deliver meaningful results.

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Self-hosted data acquisition that allows you to manage your own WebQL server locally.

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Our Methodology
Data Acquisition Technology
QL2’s multi-engine data acquisition platform is the foundation of everything we do at QL2. Integrated proxy and anonymization solutions with CAPTCHA solving capabilities go undetected and ensure uninterrupted data extraction at scale – currently acquiring over 600M data points a day.

QL2’s Automatching Technology

QL2 approaches product matching with an understanding that web data can be messy and have holes. Our matching algorithms use machine learning to evaluate the relationships across product attributes with specific outcomes in mind. Exact match definitions are different from smart matches and as a result, feature importance can vary.

Smart Attribute matching takes the process one step further by combining the machine learning models with rules based engines on normalized product properties that provide a complete picture of the competitive landscape.

How to Get Started

Reach out to our sales team to discuss your requirements and needs. Don’t worry if you don’t know all of your requirements at this time – our sales team can help walk you through the process and together we can create a tailored solution for your company’s needs.From there, we’ll handle the collection, matching, and delivery of data. We can send DAILY results files to a defined end point for your retrieval and price automation needs while making price monitoring and match management easily accessible in the IQ Hub.

Opti Price
  • List of sites you want to monitor
  • Number of SKUs you need matched and monitored
  • National pricing and/or Regional pricing?
  • Frequency of price updates needed? (i.e., multiple times a day, weekly, etc.)
  • Is Exact matching needed?
  • Is Smart matching needed?

Opti Mix
  • List of categories you want to monitor for assortment
  • List of sites you want to monitor for these categories
  • Frequency of assortment updates needed? (i.e., monthly, quarterly, etc.)

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