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Understanding Price Change Trends: Home Goods

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Understanding Price Change Trends: Home Goods

Did you know?
– Home goods prices increased by 14% during the 2021 holidays compared to 2020 and those increases continued into 2022.
– Walmart changes prices twice as frequently as the market for Home Decor category.

In this webinar, you will learn:
– What retailers need to know about potential opportunities and challenges in the e-commerce market
– What tools are available to help retailers construct an e-commerce strategy
– Tips for how to choose the right platform for your business

Who would benefit from this topic?
– Retail leaders looking to understand current pricing trends and how competitors are reacting
– Category managers developing their purchasing and assortment strategies
– Pricing analysts looking to adapt their price strategies in rapidly changing marketplace
– Inventory managers wanting to ensure the right level of inventory at the right time to keep margins strong
– The revenue analyst that tracks company revenue in comparison to competitors in the industry and determines the direction of the trend

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