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Data Acquisition

The data you need to make real-time decisions that have real impacts on your bottom line.

Revolutionary Data Acquisition

We’re more than a data-capture vendor — QL2 helps data lovers transform their businesses with actionable insights. Our patented query language will transform your business with custom data feeds to your bottom-line advantage. We will harvest the exact data set you need with configurable delivery file formats. Our data acquisition product – Data Scout – puts the power of your data right in your hands.
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Data Scout uses our proprietary data acquisition technology to anonymously collect and deliver the most relevant data through real-time or on-demand searches of your competitor’s websites – without interrupting data sources. Retain complete control over every search. Stay current on the market landscape with the data you want, the data you need, how and when you need it.


  • Standard data visualizations including
    • Competitor price change analysis and insights
    • Price variance analysis (win/meet/loss insight)
    • Trend and calendar level insights
  • Professional services
    • Data visualization
    • Data science and analytics
  • Results data warehousing