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Product Match

Identify and match competitor comparables across websites to maximize the value of every product you sell and ensure you’re competitively priced in the market.
Product Match uses our proprietary matching solution to allow our clients to stay ahead of the competition with data-driven insights that determine when and how to react for maximum return with minimal risk.
  • Advanced machine learning matches, compares and analyzes exact, similar and relevant competitive product data
  • Matches improve over time with algorithmic and easy-to-use matching parameters, helping justify and guide your strategies
  • Unprecedented smart and exact product matches by SKU, by category, and by retailer
  • Maximize revenue at minimal risk with a complete view of the retail market
  • Automatic, accurate, and efficient matching data via algorithmic and matching parameters chosen by you
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QL2 Automatching Technology

Our automatching technology utilizes an ensemble of machine and deep learning models to deliver highly accurate matches at scale. Layer this with human verification and rounds of QA to get a system that is constantly learning and enhancing your match quality.
  • Saves valuable time
  • Increases match coverage for products with low quality data
  • Empowers more informed pricing decisions

Exact Matching

We use a two-tiered approach that takes Image Similarity and Product Description (in addition to Product Name, Brand/Manufacturer, UPC & Model Numbers) into account to provide a more precise Exact Match than our competitors.We find products that are identical to yours on competitors sites using multiple layers of algorithms and matching logic. We know that sites will have missing or discrepant data so we use a second layer of evaluation to optimize our match coverage with high accuracy for products that we aren’t confident enough to make a match at first, but look really close!
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Smart Matching

Smart Matches complement your Exact Matches by giving you transparency into the consumers options of similar products where an exact match does not exist in a competitor’s product catalog.When making Smart matches, we are looking for either similar or compatible matches that to a consumer would be an alternative product they could purchase in lieu of your product. Smart matches give you transparency into the consumers point of view on products and price points that differ from, but are like your product offering.
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