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Price Monitoring

Pricing and product insights to drive strategic marketplace decisions.

Make data driven decisions aligned with your strategies and the market landscape.

All you need is a list of your products.
  • Viewed from the perspective of your own product catalog
  • Leverage QL2’s product matching technologies, or bring your own matches, to monitor the same or similar products in the market
  • Get updated product pricing on a regular basis from your competitors
  • Integrate competitive data into your pricing solution


  • Price change and competitive variance insights
  • Competitor, category, brand and individual product level insights
  • Pricing and inventory trend insights
  • Historic trends
  • Natural language summaries and insights
  • Automated insights and alerts including:
      • Changes in market rank
      • Market level price changes
      • Changes in overall market competitive position
  • Anomaly and outlier detection
  • Regional price performance
  • Detailed product-level performance

Get Opti Price Tool

Opti Price uses our proprietary automatching technology to help you examine your price competitiveness, identify pricing opportunities and outliers for your product catalog, and manage your product matches.

Boost revenue growth by making data driven decisions aligned with your pricing strategies and the market landscape in real time.