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Since its inception over 20 years ago, QL2 Software, LLC has been a pioneer in the competitive data market, providing web data extraction and analysis to customers in many travel and retail industries.

QL2 delivers true competitive advantage through on-demand data acquisition, price monitoring, assortment optimization, product matching, and actionable insights. Our comprehensive real-time analytics help clients make profitable decisions that outsmart their competition.

QL2 provides the world’s best solution for competitive pricing data, helping our clients to reduce the time and money it takes to make informed and profitable pricing and inventory decisions.By data mining millions of queries on a daily basis, our proprietary technologies anonymously collect and deliver the most relevant pricing and product data through real-time searches of your competitor’s websites – without ever interrupting the data sources.

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Our Journey

Our Approach

Our data is complex and complete, but our approach is simple and easy to implement.

QL2 provides the leading solution for competitive pricing data, helping our clients solve complex problems and make real-time decisions that impact ROI.

Through our suite of proprietary solutions, we harvest, curate, and analyze the industry and competitor data our clients need to make agile decisions in complex markets.

  • Millions of data queries are collected anonymously every day
  • Our technologies never interrupt data sources
  • You retain full control over every search
  • We maintain a large data repository with advanced request analytics, and analyze source traffic in real time to ensure quality and accuracy

We give you real-time data when you need it, how you need it.

Our data points and sources are vast – and every data extraction performed is new and custom. Our raw data, reports and insights will never be based on static or cached data. We ensure you are always able to maintain or improve your market position with the quickest, most comprehensive competitive insights.