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Data Scout

Stay current on the market landscape with the data you want, the data you need, how and when you need it.

Streamlined search creation

Wizard based input creation makes it easy to create and manage your search criteria in an easy to use interface or use API’s to fully automate your Data Scout needs.

DataScout example
DataScout example

Intuitive job management interface

Quickly find jobs to analyze results or update search critiera in an intutive platform

Extract, normalize, and deliver data with ease

DataScout example

Get the data you need, when you need it

Start a search right away or schedule it to start later for one time and recurring searches providing you with full control from start to finish.

DataScout example

Make informed strategic decisions that outsmart and outperform your competition

DataScout example

Embedded result data to easily monitor the competitve landscape

See how the data changes run over run quickly by clicking through past searches and identify changes with built-in Quality and Output charts.

DataScout example

Unmatched scale that powers your business growth

Access to over 5000 sites in over 25 verticals without writing a line of code

Seamless data normalization

Bring your own data mapping tables to normalize result data to streamline the analysis with cleansed data

DataScout example

With QL2’s two-tiered matching technology, our customer achieved these results:

increase in profit margins
increase in matches with improved accuracy
accuracy in exact 
and similar matches

Sending people in stores to look at assortment is difficult to scale and can limit your regional coverage. Using regional store selection online identifies assortment differences with strucured and easy to analyze reports.

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  • How do you identify competitive pricing gaps today?
  • What about your current solution has you looking for alternatives?
  • What problems are you trying to solve?

Then, we’ll dive into learning more about your requirements, such as:

  • The list of sites you want to monitor
  • The categories you want to monitor
  • Frequency of pricing or assortment updates needed
  • Number of SKUs you need matched or monitored
  • What industries are of interest to you (flight, car, hotel, etc.)

From there, we’ll handle the collection, matching, and delivery of data.

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