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Opti Price

Pricing and product insights to drive strategic marketplace decisions.

Make data driven decisions aligned with your strategies and the market landscape.

All you need is a list of your products.
  • Viewed from the perspective of your own product catalog
  • Leverage QL2’s product matching technologies, or bring your own matches, to monitor the same or similar products in the market
  • Get updated product pricing on a regular basis from your competitors
  • Integrate competitive data into your pricing solution
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Actionable Competitive Insights

Leverage interactive data visualizations to set strategies and react to changes in a dynamic market.

User journeys, simplified

Navigate to product lists defined by your existing product hierarchy, user-defined product segments, or easily search by product name or SKU. Easy to read visualizations drill into products under price and over priced by category or competitor.

Opti Price example

With QL2’s two-tiered matching technology, our customer achieved these results:

increase in profit margins
increase in matches with improved accuracy
accuracy in exact 
and similar matches
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The same and similar products

Product matching is the MVP of your pricing strategy – but it’s also challenging to do well. QL2 avoids common shortcuts people take in matching that yield bad match results. A products fingerprint is multi-faceted and you can’t rely on one attribute to determine a match. QL2’s approach to product matching accounts for messy web data to break down a product into a series of product attributes used to make trusted matches at scale.

Machine guided matching

QL2’s team of data analysts review product matches to identfy false positives and false negatives, optimizing for match accuracy, precision, and recall. Your team members can request or reject matches within Opti Price, giving your team the control and agency to monitor and react to the competition.

Opti Price auto matching example

Custom Product Segments

Easily focus on the products that matter with customer filters. Use product segmentation to group SKUs by sales ranks, pricing strategy, category manager, or your own favorite SKU list. Easily find out where your Won’t Be Beat products are priced higher than the market and keep an eye on the price position of your top sellers.

Opti Price example

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Getting started with QL2 is simple.

In our first conversation, we’ll discuss:

  • How do you identify competitive pricing gaps today?
  • What about your current solution has you looking for alternatives?
  • What problems are you trying to solve?

Then, we’ll dive into learning more about your requirements, such as:

  • The list of sites you want to monitor
  • The categories you want to monitor
  • Frequency of pricing or assortment updates needed
  • Number of SKUs you need matched or monitored
  • What industries are of interest to you (flight, car, hotel, etc.)

From there, we’ll handle the collection, matching, and delivery of data.

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