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We offer a variety of partnership opportunities to work together to maximize the power of our competitive pricing data.

Benefits of Our Partnership

  • Explore untapped markets for your products and services
  • Enhance the capabilities of your products through integration with QL2’s competitive pricing data
  • Create additional revenue streams through the resale of QL2’s data
  • Provide a more advanced set of analytics to your customers
  • Add transparency into the competitive landscape
The bottom line – You’ll end up with a better product and increase your revenue by adding our data to your solutions.
Meet Our Partners

3 Victors is a data science company, leading generational change to real-time data driven insights in the travel industry. 3 Victors is the nexus between data volume, variety, and velocity and has built the industry’s first travel data analytics as a service platform.

3 Victors is the go-to source for intelligence and provides valuable insights to industry leaders such as Phocuswright, Euromonitor, and CAPA, as well as being a trusted resource to many news organizations.

WeYield helps car rental owners and managers, either franchise or independent, with a minimum of 500 car fleet, and which already have a fully automated operating system in place. And last but not least, those that are open to change.

WeYield assists managers who are frustrated with the discrepancy between the type of data they have to make their decisions and the type of data they would like to have.

WeYield automatizes all decision and analytic processes to reduce the time spent in collecting millions of data points, to reduce the uncertainty of the future fleet and demand by controlling the reservation portfolio and prioritizing certain actions.

ExPretio Technologies is a Montreal-based software publisher that offers intelligent and innovative solutions to help ground transport operators maximize their revenues thanks to the latest innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

ExPretio’s revenue management and decision-making solutions enable passenger transport operators to react to competition by setting the best prices and adapting their strategies in real time.

Pricemoov is a global provider of next-generation price management and optimization solutions that help companies power digital commerce, adapt to market dynamics, and empower sales teams. Featuring powerful data science, end-to-end automation, and an intuitive user experience, the cloud-native Pricemoov platform enables B2B and B2C businesses to unlock their revenue potential with intelligent pricing. For more information, please visit pricemoov.com.

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