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Get Started with Opti Price

Welcome to the Opti Price module in the IQ Hub! Opti Price helps you monitor your price competitiveness, identify pricing opportunities and outliers for your product catalogue, and manage your product matches.

Opti Price has five sections:

  1. The Dashboard, a place to identify areas of need for your pricing strategy.
  2. The Product Finder, a filterable view into your product catalogue.
  3. Product Details, a deep dive into matched products.
  4. Price Insights, a series of reports helping you better understand your competitive landscape.
  5. Audit History, a record of match addition and removal requests. For more information, click here.

Product Finder

The Product Finder section of Opti Price has a view into your product catalogue that can be filtered by price variance, number of matched products, manufacturer, site, and category. Each product in the table displays information about its match count and the price variance compared to competitors.