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Pizza Promotional Strategies That Will Help You Make Money in the Future

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To establish a successful pizza business, the implementation of a well-crafted pizza promotional strategies is crucial for pizza shops. This strategy should comprise of traditional restaurant promotion tactics as well as inventive approaches like competitve pricing strategy and pricing intelligence.

The aim is to augment pizza sales and revenue growth that ensures both short-term success and consistent long-term development. To achieve this, it’s essential to elevate your digital marketing endeavors and develop an online presence and pricing strategy so that potential customers can easily spot you and make online purchases.

Incorporate these proposals into your restaurant’s promotional strategies for pizza businesses:

1. Create Quality Visuals

Employing high-quality pictures of your food is capable of striking a chord with your customers. Your potential clients’ craving is stimulated by tantalizing illustrations of piping hot pizza with melted cheese and baked to perfection crust.

To thrive on digital channels and social media platforms, visual media is indispensable to keep up with the ever-growing competition.

2. Provide Pizza by The Slice

A survey conducted by PMQ Pizza Magazine revealed that 36% of Americans prefer pizza by the slice rather than ordering a whole pizza. This is a significant portion of potential customers who might like to have this option available to them.

Implementing this restaurant promotion plan can be highly advantageous in appealing to a younger audience seeking quick bites without committing to an entire pizza.

3. Offer Combination Packages for Groups

When catering to groups, pizza remains the most convenient option compared to other food types due to its shareable nature. This eliminates the need for individual orders that arise when opting for Mexican or burgers. Ordering pizza is hassle-free since the person placing the order only needs to select an appropriate package for the group size.

To streamline the ordering process and satisfy customers, include combo package deals for different group sizes in the carryout menu. This approach has the added advantage of boosting sales since customers perceive the combo packages as value for money.

4. Offer Promotional Discounts

Coupons have been demonstrated to effectively drive foot traffic to pizzerias and balance the threats of competitive pricing strategy. Implementing an enticing incentive in a publication, newspaper, or direct mail campaign can garner a higher volume of clientele compared to a standard advertisement coupon.

5. Interact via Mobile Platforms

Numerous options are available for pizzerias seeking to attract customers by interacting with them on their mobile devices. These include text messaging, mobile apps, push notifications, social media apps, email, and mobile-first websites.

Text messaging represents an effective way to reach your target audience, as texts tend to be opened more frequently than emails.

However, it is crucial to balance outreach with respect for customers’ privacy. Developing a mobile app can offer your loyal clientele a convenient, user-friendly way to order, leading to increased repeat business.

Furthermore, apps can help cement your brand’s prominence in the minds of your customers, serves as a price tracker and ensure that your pizzeria is the first thing that comes to mind when they think of pizza- and even when they do not.

6. Pricing Strategy

QL2 is a dynamic pricing intelligence solution that provides comprehensive insights to optimize your pricing strategy. With competitive pricing strategy analysis, you can benchmark your prices against competitors to ensure you are always one step ahead. Moreover, our Price Tracker keeps a close eye on market trends and competitor prices, allowing you to make data-driven decisions about your pricing strategy.


Our exclusive auto matching technology at OptiPrice enables you to evaluate your price competitiveness, detect pricing anomalies and opportunities in your product catalog, and efficiently manage your product matching. By basing your pricing strategies on real-time market insights and data, you can increase your revenue growth and make informed decisions – contact us today!