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Executing Jobs

If you don’t want to schedule a job to execute in the future at a specific date and time, you may execute a search immediately.

How to Execute a Job:

  1. Select the Jobs tab.
  2. Click on the job you would like to execute.
  3. Click Start Job in the top right corner of the page.
  4. Select High Priority if applicable.
    • Choosing this option stops any other running searches within your organization and completes the “high priority” search first. The paused searches resume after the high-priority search is finished. This feature is useful when a large search is executing and you need the results of the “high priority” search as soon as possible.
  5. Click Start when ready to execute the job.

TIP: When sharing an account, it is good practice to schedule searches to execute with input from other users. Executing a search with high priority may infringe on another user’s timing.