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Getting Started – Legacy

Sign in to QL2 Live to perform exercises and learn about navigation.

  1. In your browser window, go to: https://live.ql2.com.
  2. Enter your QL2 designated username and password, then click the login button.
  3. Click the login button.

Figure 1: QL2 Live Log In Page

After logging into QL2 Live, you land on the Home page. The home page has three areas in the main workspace, Recent Activity, Search Status, and Account Summary.

Home Page

Figure 2: QL2 Live Home Page

The Recent Activity area is a summary of the activity within QL2 Live for your username. This summary includes recently executed searches and their results. From this page, you can view the results of a search by clicking on the output file link or icon. What you see here depends upon the output your organization chose to receive. For example, a CSV‐formatted spreadsheet will have the icon for the spreadsheet application your organization uses.

The Search Status area contains information about scheduled searches and currently executing searches. If a search is scheduled for execution, this area shows the search, date, and time the search is scheduled. If a search is currently executing, this area contains the name of the search and the percentage it is complete.

Account Summary contains account-specific information along with times and dates for your previous login, your current session, as well as the current time.


Tabs, Quick Links, and Action Menus help you work within QL2 Live.

Tabs help you navigate QL2 Live. You may also use the back and forward buttons on your browser. When a tab is selected, it is highlighted in white.

Quick Links are located in the upper right corner of the screen and allow you quick access to Administrator Mode, the support request form, and account settings.

Action Menus contain links for performing various actions on items in the main workspace and are located on several pages in QL2 Live. They are located on the left side of the page and are dynamic, depending upon the actions available for the items in the main workspace.

Figure 3: Action Menu

Filters exist on several pages within the platform to assist you with locating input line items, searches, or results. Use the available fields to filter the items in the main workspace. Click submit to view the filtered results.

Figure 4: Search Filter

Now that you are familiar with QL2 Live navigation, you are ready to explore the available features for retrieving data.