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The Settings tab has fields for selecting a Time Zone, designating e-mail recipients for notifications for queries, and changing your password.

General Settings

Time Zone – The default setting for the time zone is the time zone in which your organization is located. Use the drop-down menu to change the time zone.

E-mail Notifications for Queries – Enter one or more email addresses for recipients to receive a message with a link to the results files when all jobs in the account are complete. Separate multiple email addresses with commas. For search-specific email notifications, change the properties of a specific job.

Change Password

The Change Password tab enables you to change your password with the following requirements:

  • All passwords must be a minimum of six characters in length.
  • All passwords must have at least five different characters.
  • A password cannot be an English dictionary word.
  • Your username cannot be part of your password.

NOTE: You may also contact support@ql2.com for a password reset request.

Site Notifications

Occasionally, a site undergoes maintenance that requires deactivation. When this occurs, Data Scout notifies you via email and on the Site Notification page. The platform displays all sites your organization searches. The alert icon to the right of the site name indicates that the site is deactivated. The icon goes away when the site is reactivated. In addition to the site notification page display, your error output files contain a message indicating the site is not active. You may also choose to receive email alerts when a site is deactivated and reactivated.

How to Register for Site Notification Emails:

  1. Enter one or more email addresses in the Email Addresses field. Separate addresses with a comma.
  2. Select whether to receive notifications when any site is deactivated and activated or choose to receive notifications for specific sites. If you choose to be notified for specific sites, select the sites.
  3. Click Submit.