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Enhanced Car Rental Solution

April 12, 2018 Baltimore, MD. QL2, the industry leader in competitive, web-based market data, today announced a major enhancement to its car rental data solution.

In order to best meet client needs, QL2 is expanding its solution beyond the industry norm “off airport.” Clients will now be able to make pricing and strategy decisions for locations and markets reaching well beyond airports. Client will also now be able to search by a location ID rather than conducting manual address searches to cover all of their markets, regions and territories.

“Our solutions are meant to help our clients make and justify strategic decisions,” said Carl Wartzack, CEO of QL2. “By expanding our car rental solution, our clients are no longer forced to make rural or suburban decisions based on airport trends. This new solution provides a complete picture of data such as rates, by location, with actionable analyses. We are excited to put our clients in a better competitive market position thanks to our expanded offering and insights.”

About QL2

QL2 delivers true competitive advantage through on-demand data extraction and analysis, producing a real-time, insightful picture of your market so you can make profitable decisions. QL2 has spent the last 18 years pioneering the market for competitive data and analysis. Ql2 provides advanced real-time data capture technology and analytical tools that create business intelligence solutions for managing the complexity of optimizing and managing pricing, revenue and other competitive data points on a real-time basis. Ql2 proudly serves global customers across the travel, retail, automotive and finance and data aggregator sectors.

QL2 also provides custom solutions, ensuring any decision maker a complete and comprehensive picture of their market, whenever they need. Their solutions harvest and analyze hundreds of billions of data points across thousands of data sources including fares and rates across the entire travel and hospitality market, sales and promotions across the retail and automotive verticals, rates and trends across the finance and energy industries, and any other data need regardless of market or vertical.