QL2 Forms Strategic Partnership with ExPretio Technologies

Montreal, Canada and Baltimore, USA, November 7, 2017 – ExPretio Technologies Inc. (ExPretio) and QL2 Software, LLC (QL2) are pleased to announce they have formed a strategic partnership to enable rail operators to seamlessly integrate QL2’s powerful competitive data extraction with ExPretio’s leading-edge Appia revenue management (RM) solution to dynamically manage seat prices and gain competitive advantage in the rail industry.

Building on prior data compatibility efforts, ExPretio will now offer QL2 competitive intelligence extraction and intelligence tools as part of the ExPretio Appia RM packaged solution for on-premise and cloud-hosted delivery modes.

“The natural synergy of competitive intelligence and revenue management is well-understood by our clients in the rail industry,” says Said Aouchiche, CEO of ExPretio, “so we are making it easier and more effective for them to take advantage of these powerful tools to gain a competitive advantage and maximise their revenues through smarter and more competitive price optimization”

Currently, rail operators using QL2 competitive intelligence in Appia are able to:

  • Lead, follow or match competitor fares in line with their strategic business objectives and predefined criteria
  • Identify and seize opportunities to increase revenue and gain competitive advantages arising from changes in competitor pricing
  • Use flexible and adaptable business rules to dynamically tailor and manage their competitive market strategies

Thanks to ExPretio and QL2’s new strategic relationship, rail operators will now enjoy additional advantages including:

  • Seamless integration between QL2’s competitive intelligence tools and ExPretio’s Appia RM solution
  • A 360° view of the operator’s own offer and how it compares to its competitors on any given route
  • A single point of contact for all business, functional and technical support on competitive intelligence and RM

Rail operators will also now be able to customize competitive data and reports for distribution and use by other departments within their organization such as sales, pricing and marketing.

As part of this new partnership, ExPretio and QL2 will begin collaborating on enhancements to their respective services to deliver unparalleled additional value to their customers.

“With the liberalization of the rail industry across major markets, we expect dynamic price optimization to play a primary role in the strategic and tactical toolkit of all rail operators,” said Carl Wartzack, CEO of QL2. “Partnering with advanced RM solution providers made complete sense to us. As a leader in that industry, ExPretio is an ideal partner to help us deliver advanced competitive intelligence information and tools to rail operators.”

About ExPretio

ExPretio is a privately held company founded after more than a decade of advanced academic research in revenue and price optimization by world-renowned experts in Operations Research and management science based in Canada and Europe. ExPretio is 100% committed to the application of Revenue Management principles to the rail and air transport industries. Their flagship solution, Appia, is a powerful and highly adaptable Revenue Optimization and Customer Intelligence solution. Used by major rail operators who have seen significant improvements in revenue, passenger traffic, and yield, Appia is able to meet the demands of an increasingly dynamic and competitive railway industry.

Appia takes into account fares and other product attributes, distribution channels and net economic benefits, while explicitly considering passenger purchase habits, corporate guidelines and competitors’ fares. By integrating intelligent customer behaviour models into a network-wide optimization framework, Appia provides revenue analysts and decision markers with the tools and insight on the nature and characteristics of passenger demand needed to identify, analyze, and seize optimization opportunities in their commercial offering.

Enhanced by an advanced business rules framework and competitive intelligence processing, Appia can help operators achieve top-down commercial objectives by greatly simplifying the implementation of the most appropriate Revenue Management strategy for each departure.

About QL2

QL2 delivers true competitive advantage through on-demand data extraction and analysis, producing a real-time, insightful picture of your market so you can make profitable decisions. QL2 has spent the last 18 years pioneering the market for competitive data and analysis. Ql2 provides advanced real-time data capture technology and analytical tools that create business intelligence solutions for managing the complexity of optimizing and managing pricing, revenue and other competitive data points on a real-time basis. Ql2 proudly serves global customers across the travel, retail, automotive and finance and data aggregator sectors.

QL2 also provides custom solutions, ensuring any decision maker a complete and comprehensive picture of their market, whenever they need. Their solutions harvest and analyze hundreds of billions of data points across thousands of data sources including fares and rates across the entire travel and hospitality market, sales and promotions across the retail and automotive verticals, rates and trends across the finance and energy industries, and any other data need regardless of market or vertical.

For more information regarding the ExPretio and QL2 partnership, please visit www.expretio.com or ql2.com/our-partners/.

ExPretio Media Contact:

Andrea Blanc du Collet, Marketing Coordinator
+1 514.392.1114 ext. 730
QL2 Media Contact:
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